GenUs BioSystems is a unique contract research organization solely focused on the optimization of microarray experimentation and analysis. We work with you -- scientist to scientist -- to ensure that your gene expression data is both usable and easy to understand.

Five Key Advantages
Quality - As a partner in the FDA led MicroArray Quality Control (MAQC) Consortium we delivered the most reproducible and precise results. We also regularly conduct independent research to improve processes.

Problem Solving - We find solutions to many gene expression experiment issues. For example, we have optimized RNA amplification to generate meaningful results from samples as small as 100 picograms.

Save time, conserve resources - 5-day turnaround available.

Optimized Techniques - Proven, state-of-the-art protocols, tools and techniques optimize the application of microarray experiments.

Unlimited Collaboration - Consult experienced scientists about development, execution, and analysis of gene expression experiments at all stages of your work. Following an experiment we offer unlimited analysis consulting to help you uncover key findings that can guide future research. An easy-to-understand final report is issued at the end of each experiment.

Complete Gene Expression Analysis Service
From biological samples to usable genomic data, GenUs BioSystems provides a complete solution for gene expression experiment needs. Call or register to set up a free consultation with our scientists today.

High quality results from minimal RNA. Single Amplification from as little as 50 NANOGRAMS and Double Amplification from less than 100 PICOGRAMS.

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RNA Amplification
Picogram Solutions
Microarray Processing
Data Analysis
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