GenUs BioSystems specializes in microarray experimentation and analysis. We work with you -- scientist to scientist -- to ensure that your gene expression data is both usable and easy to understand.

Utilizing the most advanced and appropriate technology and technique, GenUs BioSystems works with you to make sure that each step of your experiment is optimized to generate the most usable results. Quality is assured using significant checkpoints at every step of the process.

Gene Expression Analysis
Consulting - Before, During and After - Microarray research is not always straightforward. From proof-of-performance through discovery, our team of experienced researchers can help in all aspects of genomic experimental design, including tissue stabilization, RNA isolation, microarray usage strategy, and analysis strategy. More »

RNA Isolation - Optimized Technique - Our scientists maximize RNA recovery by applying strict, proprietary protocols for the handling of small and often irreplaceable cell, tissue, and blood samples. We have achieved excellent results from all sample collection techniques including LCM, FACS, OCT -- embedded and other biopsy material. More »

RNA Amplification - Picogram Solutions - We understand the challenges faced by researchers who work with small, difficult to acquire samples. GenUs can provide valuable genomic data to researchers even with very small sample amounts -- as few as 10 cells or 100 picograms of total RNA. More »

Gene Expression Microarray Processing - Through internal testing we have developed protocols that advance microarray technology, enhance reproducibility and precision, and are tested against MAQC standards. More »

Data Analysis - Based On Your Experiment Objectives - Our core strength. Our data analysis/bioinformatics service demystifies genomic data, helping you focus on a manageable number of genes and significant patterns. Our analysis strategy is based on your experiment objectives. We provide a complete analysis as part of our service, including an easy-to-use report, follow-up consultation, and unlimited additional data-analysis to meet the needs of your experiment. More »

Detailed, Understandable Reporting - Unlimited Follow-up - A complete, easy to understand report comes as part of our service. In addition, we offer unlimited follow-up to make sure you get the most out of your data. Contact Us For a Sample Report »

Species Available In Standard Formats
Standard arrays have been developed for many species. More »

Custom Microarray Service
GenUs BioSystems is experienced in the development of custom arrays utilizing gene expression experiment results. We can work with you to develop custom arrays for special applications. (Call for more information - 847.291.9600)

Custom Analysis Of Older Data
When you run an experiment with GenUs BioSystems, all of the analysis is included in the base price. Our custom bioinformatics is available to analyze or compare results to experiments run using different platforms or technologies, past experiments or other specialized data mining needs. (Call for more information - 847.291.9600)

High quality results from minimal RNA. Single Amplification from as little as 50 NANOGRAMS and Double Amplification from less than 100 PICOGRAMS.