Over the past four years GenUs BioSystems has developed a proven track record of providing quality RNA isolation, microarray processing and data analysis for government, academic and corporate research institutions worldwide.

Our scientists have developed expertise that has been applied to a wide variety of studies including the FDA led MAQC Consortium study and other peer reviewed, published reports. We regularly conduct independent research to improve quality and usability.

Cofounders' experience includes development of advanced microarray platform and direction of drug and therapeutic discovery using genomics and gene-based assays at major laboratories including Abbott and Motorola during the past 25 years.

GenUs BioSystems focus on microarray research means that our scientists work with gene expression experiments everyday, constantly improving protocol and quality. By outsourcing this aspect of your experiment you save valuable resources for review and implementation of your data.

GenUs BioSystems believes that our commitment to your research does not end with a well-done experiment. We include unlimited analysis and consultation following your study to make sure that all the usable data is mined and available in an easy to understand format for your use.

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